The Modern and Intelligent Drive System

Our Goal


Depending on the task, eithera hydraulic or electromechanicalsolution will be developed -from a simple control right upto high dynamic controls.Needs-based designsensure maximum efficiencyand significantly reduce thecomplexity for existing solutions.

System Solutions, One Supplier, One Contact


KineSys utilises the comprehensiverange of HYDAC products as wellas KineSys drive componentsto produce customised designsfor drive solutions.Modern simulation and systemengineering tools assist thedesign process.



HYDAC drive controllershave an integrated intelligencewhich enables even complexdrive tasks to be accomplishedin a simple and robust manner:


  • Regulation of:
    • Pressure / Force
    • Position / Angle
    • Synchronisation
    • Speed
  • Control of actuators
  • Cam disc function
  • Safety functions


And much more...



The usage of HYDAC drive controllers offers new possibilities with regard to integration of the hydraulic system with electrical control technology.


  • Coupling of axes
  • Integration of bus systems


Ready for "Internet of things"


    • Technical Data for the KineSys DVA Portfolio

      • Electronic variable displacement pump
      • Fully parameterised Plug&Play unit
      • External and internal gear pumps
      • Power 0.75 kW to 200 kW
      • Various function modules available
    • Technical Data for the Standard KineSys HEZ Portfolio

      • HYDAC electric cylinder (HEZ)
      • Standard series: Forces up to 25 kN
      • Stroke up to 2,000 mm
      • Positioning speed up to 1,000 mm/s
      • Duty cycle up to 100 %
      • Optional with frequency inverter

    • KineSys System Portfolio

      • Integrated electrical control
      • Innovative system solutions
      • Valve control for the drive unit
      • Turnkey system solution
    • Special KineSys HEZ Portfolio

      • Forces up to 500 kN
      • Stroke up to 3,000 mm
      • Duty cycle up to 100 %
      • IP65
      • Other options: ATEX, stainless steelversion, encoder systems, servo drive,DC drive possible, positioning withoutposition sensor...